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Dynamic group isn't working

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I want to build a Dynamic group to have all Notebooks in this group.

I created a template like this:

Device information, Device Model -> contains -> Latitude


The devices have details information like this:




Manufacturer: Dell Inc.

Model: Latitude E5440


But if I create a Dynamic group with this template I did't get any results.


Where is the error?


Maybe some can help me.


Serverversion is: 6.3.136




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How long have you had the group sitting there?  You will not see machines instantly.  I found out the policy is evaluated on each client, and may take up to two check ins to the ERA server for you to see results. 

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  • ESET Staff

In case dynamic groups is not populated even after clients connected since last modification of "Dynamic group template", check whether dynamic group using mentioned template is placed properly in static groups tree. Dynamic group can contain only computer that are "under" the same static group.

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