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EMS - Sms Filter Issues

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Good evening my Eset Friends.

Not sure if i did something wrong or if this is a flaw.

However i just added a number via contact list for Blocking.

The number was still able to get the SMS through to my phone ?

I tried a call and it was blocked but had it on reject list also. Will try later without reject from android. But what about the Sms getting through?

Ver 2.0.792


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Arakasi,

Are you by any chance using a third party app for sending and receiving SMS messages, such as WhatsApp or similar?

The thing is, we only intercept and process messages delivered to the default messaging app preinstalled on your device.

If this is the case, try to disable the custom messaging app to see if ESET Mobile Security successfully blocks the message once it goes into the default app.




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Handcent, for its customizable ui.

I will try to see if problem corrects itself.

I trust staff has tested and proven successful block.

You explain this well and are most likely correct.

I doubt i can sacrifice handcent; the default messaging app is bland.

Thanks petrik!!!!

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