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ESET Smart Security and Anti-Malware

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Do I need to install an anti-malware in addition to ESS? Does ESS detect malware as good as standalone products such as Malwarebytes?


Also, how do I reset the settings to default? Thanks for all your help.

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Hello sooby77 and welcome. I would recommend using Malwarebytes with ESS. They work well together and play nice. This has been discussed here many times. You can review what our good friend Arakasi had to say (Wow...2 years ago! :o -but it still holds true) here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1714-eset-and-malwarebytes-comparison/


For a good while, I have been running ESS with MBAM Prem in real time w/o exceptions. Just don't schedule scans at the same time.


As far as resetting to default, you didn't say what version you are using but you can look at this for version 9 hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5751/


For version 8-you are able to do partial default resets:



or full resets:


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Many do, so you can if you want to. But whether YOU need/want it or not is of course up to you to decide. I don't feel I need anything more running in real-time than ESET at the moment. If ESET would only be a real-time scanner to detect malware it would be another matter, but by using the products security features you can lock things up pretty tight. I go by the rule less is more, i.e I like to keep things simple, not only to keep the system resource usage to a minimum but also to minimize the risk for incompatibility problems between different apps. But as with everything in life - we all do things in our own way :D


Though like most people that might not use MBAM in real-time, I of course have it installed for on-demand scans incase I would like to run one.


And yes, ESET's products detects all kinds of malware (Malware = Malicious Software) and potentially unwanted/unsafe apps as user optional detection categories, and so does Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes aim from the start was to detect malware that most "traditional" AVs tend to miss, how it is with that today I can't say. But it is a great second opinion scanner in any case.

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Thanks all for the response. I am using ESS 9 and was able to figure out how to reset the settings to default. I am using Surface Pro 4 and the only thing I turned off is the idle state scanning. I will take a look at Malwarebytes. Ideally, I would like the ESET and Malwarebytes to have as minimal impact on my computer as possible. Hopefully these two combo won't drag the system down too much.

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