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Someone is controlling my PC

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Hi, So i have a problem where when i am playing a game on steam, now this problem occurs maybe 5/6 times a year its a rare problem it but happens. Where someone is controlling my PC But it feels like its only a very small control, Basically what has happens is the "person" is pressing random keys on the keyboard, and also "typing messages" but that only happens twice.


It Seems when i terminate steam by shutting off the problem the controlling stops/restarting pc. Now what i have done is i have changed keyboard's, Mouse's, operating systems, formated like 30-40 times in the past 2 years, also bought a new computer happend on this computer, aswell as my old computer, i have done everything but it still happens.


Now i do not download, or visit dodgy sites, i have scanned my computer numinous times and nothing has shown up, i have changed router password, i have bought new ethernet cables, also bought a new router, i have pretty much done everything this problem still happens. i have also checked "netstat -ano" in cmd prompt to see what establish connections are active and nothing is shown BUT i keep forgetting to do this when controlling happens.


Literally This has been happening last 2 years, in total maybe "10" times   but i have done everything but it still happens?


What can i do?



I'm Running Eset Smart Security Paid AV, Windows 10, but it happend on windows 8.1 and 7.



This is really frustrating, What can be done?

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