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Agent Deploys But Endpoint Application Does Not

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  • ESET Staff

Are you familiar, that you actually need to execute two independent tasks, to have the Agent & Endpoint deployed / Installed?

For agent, you need to use "Agent deployment task".

As soon as agent is deployed, you need to execute "software installation task" which is located in admin/client tasks. In this task, you need to select the product / version / language to install & ship a valid license.

Upon execution, ERA agent connects to ESET repository, downloads the installer and installs the product, with subsequent activation.

If the task is failing, what is needed is checking the trace message in the task executions history (I am not aware, of what version you are using, if you are using the latest 6.3, then locate the installation task, click on "show failed", and there click on the latest execution attempts, and choose "history". Trace message should be located there.

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Does sending a software install task appear successful in the ERA console? Check the agent trace log on the client for possible errors. Also try installing Endpoint locally on the client to see if the installation itself is failing.

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