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ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 6.3 has been released

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ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server version 6.3.12004 has been released and is available to download.

  • Improved: Hyper-V cleaning ability including registry inspection and remediation
  • Improved: Further security hardening of application based on recent vulnerability discoveries
  • Improved: Scanning engine upgrade to read and interpret Master Boot Record sector correctly on Hyper-V machines
  • Improved: Update of real-time scanning and protocol filtering drivers for improved compatibility
  • Fixed: The number of scanned objects is different for scans with the same number of objects
  • Fixed: Dialog for excluded file extensions in Hyper-V parameters accepts the “dot” extension mask
  • Fixed: Inability for the Hyper-V scan to open/scan any virtual disk in target Hyper-V on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Core
  • Fixed: Component-based installation started as command-line operation ignores certain user-set installation parameters 
  • Fixed: Certain WMI provider module commands result with a “Description” error on returned variables
  • Fixed: Exploit Blocker for JAVA-based test sample does not trigger expected alert 
  • Fixed: Client (with Hyper-V role) “Scan server” task launched from ESET Remote Administrator does not report back after finishing
  • Fixed: Restoring infected files from quarantine to Hyper-V machine fails
  • Other minor bug fixes

For more information and to download the product, visit the ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server download page, or to check availability in your region, contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office.

What's New
ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server 6.x FAQ
Known Issues:
For a detailed list of known issues, see Known issues for version 6 ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server.
Support Resources:

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