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Unable to turn off Anti-Theft

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I've got a new computer. Called it the same name as old one. Went to my.eset.com and removed that computer device. Came back to desktop application and attempt to turn off Anti-Theft. Keep getting message "Anti-Theft not disabled, invalid login parameters, please try again"

Do I have to assure you I did try again and again and again, and I was extremely careful while entering ID/Password, and I verified then by logging to the website?


(I do not know why someone thinks I have to logon into some internet site to turn off some feature of some software on my own computer, but I sure as hell know how to all software I do not want and cannot get rid of. It's called virus)

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How do i temporarily disable my anti virus


Please do not hijack someone else's topic and create a new one instead as your question has nothing to do with turning off Anti-Theft.

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