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Remote Administrations settings reset constantly

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Anyone also experiences that for some servers witf the eset filesecurity installed, the remote administration settings are set to:

LocalHost port 2225?


As soosn as I changes it, the client announces it in the admin console and all is fine. But after some time, some days it is back to its orginal default setting.

I think after a reboot or after windows updates. Very annoying, and also only for 3 of the 7 servers.


Any advise would be welcome.  I use version 4.5.12017.0 on a W2008 R2 server, but also 1 win7 machine has this.  Security updates are working by the way.



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If you are using ERA v6, this is ok as v4 products are managed from ERA via agent that redirects ERA communication from the v4 ESET product to localhost.

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