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Reversing Allow/Deny Decisions


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I am using ESET on W7 on a dual boot Linux/W7 machine.  I only use W7 for a short period of time once a day and have ESET installed there. 


Yesterday when I booted to W7 and started Firefox I got a message from ESET that related to a malware in the browser.  And I chose to Deny the process.  Then I immediately got a second similar message and chose to Deny that also. 


From the point on Firefox was not able to find any pages or bookmarks.  I had to disable the firewall to get Firefox to work normally. 


I have tried to find out how to undo those two "Deny" decisions and cannot seem to find it. 


If there is a page that explains that I cannot seem to find that either. 


How can I get back to normal? 


I am using ESET 8.0.319



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This forum is not helping at all.  I am still unable to use a browser unless I disable the ESET firewall. 


Is ESET reading these forums?



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i would suggest to reset to default the firewall settings.

open the main program window and go to setup > advanced setup (located at the bottom right) > personal firewall.

then i suggest to click the arrows to revert the firewall to default settings.




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@ pavilion alex


Thanks for your helpful reply.  I am going to hold off on doing that for now. 


I sent a support request to ESET and opened a case, they are communicating with me by email for now.  Their initial suggestion was that I download the ESETLogCollector.exe applications from this link and run it: 




I did that and it generated a *.zip archive and that has been emailed back to them for analysis. 


I'll follow up here with the details on how it goes. 


I actually ran the ESETLogCollector app two times, one with the firewall disabled and one with it enabled and forwarded both of those. 



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