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ESET doesn't show up (properly) in action center

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For a while now I have a weird issue concerning ESET and windows defender. ESET doesn't show up in the action center on virus protection and it uses windows defender instead.




I'm concerned about the lower two things. Translated from Dutch it's virus protection and spyware and unwanted software protection. 
For virus protection it says that the computer is protected by windows defender. However, I have ESET so shouldn't that show up? I didn't buy ESET for nothing. (I've had eset for about two years now and this is the first time that I noticed this)

For spyware and unwanted software protection it says that both windows defender and eset smart security is enabled, and then it gives a warning about having two antispyware apps. 

Is this a problem? How do I fix this? I hope someone can help me.


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Do you still have Windows Defender enabled and running ? Often, when there are two (or more) instances of running AV, it can cause some issues.  hxxp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/turn-windows-defender-on-off#turn-windows-defender-on-off=windows-7


Disable it, restart, and then check what is reporting.

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