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Is it possible to merge duplicated devices in ERAS ?

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When I originally set up my AV infrastructure, I deployed to all my clients manually by IP address. After some time and tweaking, I configured AD sync and have a subgroup of all the domain computers on my network. The computers in that subgroup are listed as Agentless, even though the computers had the Agents deployed via IP. The one Agentless group is listed as computer-name.domain.com and the current connected devices were all deployed via IP. I had to manually update the names of those clients from IP to their hostname.


All of the computers connect and report to the ERAS without issue, but it would be nice if I could merge the devices without losing all the task history and past threats. I tried redeploying the Agent to one of the agentless devices, but a conflict prompt comes up with a duplicity warning. 

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  • ESET Staff

Merging of computer is currently handled by "Static group synchronization task", but there are two main conditions for computers to be merged:

  • All computers must have exactly the same name (FQDN)
  • At most one of computers with the same name can be "managed"

so there i no way how to "merge" multiple computers with their data, only remove "unused" entries in static groups. In case your duplicate computer conform to the second condition, you should not loose anything except entry in static groups (=name and description of this object). It is because AGENT-less computers had never executed any task, never received any configuration and never sent any data to this SERVER.

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