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SS9 + Win7 + Thunderbird: frequent hangs

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Lenovo T420 with Win 7 64 and latest SS9, Thunderbird and Firefox.


Previous SS versions worked fine.  Since installing 9 I get very frequent hangs in T-bird, and less frequent hangs in FF.  They last from a few to many seconds, but eventually resolve. The rest of the machine is not hung during these freezes.


I don't notice any particular CPU loading during the freezes. Sometimes a "busy" spinner, sometimes not.


It's usable - but just.  Very inconvenient.  Appreciate any suggestions.




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If you have SSL protocol scanning enabled for e-mail scanning that might be the issue. The latest release of T-Bird is enforcing no SHA-1 for root certificates. Ditto for FireFox also. The Eset root cert. is SHA-1; at least it is in ver. 8.

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