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ESET Multi-Device Security offer


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What am I missing here? The ESET webpage is offering the multi device security product for 6 devices for 1 year for $42.49. It seemingly includes the full NOD32 product (as well as the Firewall and mobile product). Yet if I ask for the price for a 1 year license for NOD32 for 6 devices, I am told it is $149.94. If I get the multi-device product, am I really getting the same NOD32 that I'd have to pay $149.94 for the same number of devices? How does that make any sense?



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  • ESET Staff



From my personal point of view...


That kind of thing is usually crafted and created by the Sales Department so even if any or everybody

doesn't make sense for them ("sales") they are. :)


I suggest you contact ESET in your region and ask for some advice about it.

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