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log in show " ld.so: object 'libesets_pac.so' from /etc/ld.so.preload cannot be preloaded: ignored."

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Edit /etc/ld.so.preload as super user and change:








Save the file and the library will be preloaded for new processes. You should restart the system to make it active for all processes.

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ESET advises against setting LD_PRELOAD globally:


 It is important that the ‘LD_PRELOAD‘ environment variable is defined only for the network server daemon processes (ftp, Samba, etc.) that will be under control of the On-access scanner. Generally, preloading LIBC calls for all operating system processes is not recommended, as this can dramatically slow the performance of the system or even cause the system to hang. In this sense, the  ‘/etc/ld.so.preload‘ file should not be used, nor should the ‘LD_PRELOAD‘ environment variable be exported globally. Both would override all relevant LIBC calls, which could lead to system hang-up during initialization.

To ensure that only relevant file access calls within a given file system are intercepted, executable statements can be overridden using the following line:

The NOD32 installer for Linux needs to be changed to to reflect that policy, as it currently breaks ESET's own advice, and consequently causes a lot of problems that users find difficult to track down.

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