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Eset Clients cannot connect to ERA

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Hi All,


I did something wrong while upgrade clients to the new eset endpoint version, in xml configuration i put wrong password in remote administration tab so all clients cannot connect to ERA  i tried many times to add new task (configuration with the new password) but no avail.  the only way that works with me that i have to uninstall the eset endpoint form client machine then re push new installation.


my question is there any other way to define the new password to the clients remotely without uninstalling and reinstall for each machine


thanks in advance


Eset Endpoint version : 5.0.2254

Eset Remote Server version : running in windows server 2012r2


PS: all machine are able to update from era server , but in administrator console ( last connected form 4 Weeks ago ) :(

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Then set the wrong password in ERA and push a configuration or create a policy with the correct password. Wait until all clients connect to ERAS and the policy / cfg is applied. Finally change the password in ERA to the correct one.

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