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Listed Windows updates not available in Windows update?

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I've noticed since I installed Windows 10 (clean install) with ESS 9 (clean install) that I get notications for all Windows Updates even though it's set to Critical only.


Also half of the updates listed are not shown when I go to windows update? These are usually drivers an optional updates.


How do I get to these?


Many thanks,


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you can set SS not to notify you for windows 10 updates since all of them are automatically downloaded and installed.


i suppose this must be some an incompatibility of some sort on eset. i had a printer driver not visible on windows update but i hid it with the tool MS provides.


this tool will help you hide updates


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The thing that confuses me is:


1. ESS is notifying me of all updates even though it should only be doing Critical updates

2. The driver updates ESS shows are bogus because if I go to the drivers in the Device Manager and choose update, there are no updates


I'd say 2 bugs in ESS.

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