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License expiration notice mail doesn't stop.

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Dear ESET.
I have question about License expiration notice mail.
I'm using ESET File Security Linux 4.0.8.
OS is RHEL6.
The mail I notify of the 30 days before license expiration date was received.
I renewed a license file.
> /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_lic --import=~/esets_?????.lic
But License expiration notice mail doesn't stop.
>  Note that the following license will expire in 15 day(s):
>    LICENSE ID: ????????
>    PRODUCT NAME: ESET File Security
>    EXPIRATION DATE: 2015-12-31 09:00:00
>    FILE NAME: /etc/opt/eset/esets/license/esets_?????.lic
Why doesn't a mail stop?
When it's left just as it is, what happens?
Thanks in advance.


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I made a mistake in work.

If EFS service was restarted, I recovered.


I really appreciate your help in resolving the problem.
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