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Have to restart ApacheHTTPProxy service at least once per week

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I have problems with Apache HTTP Proxy.

I have installed that on ERA server (Win 2003 R2) so the clients can get updates without connecting to internet.

Its is working fine but from time to time it just stops working.

File error.log in "Apache HTTP Proxy\logs" directory is not recording any problems.

Service ApacheHttpProxy is running but i can not access the page hxxp://HOST:3128/index.html.

After restarting the service everything starts to work fine.

Thats  a little annoying.

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Please edit C:\Program Files\Apache Http Proxy\conf\httpd.conf, change "LogLevel warn" to "LogLevel debug" and then restart the Apache HTTP Proxy service. If the issue occurs, supply Customer care with the content of C:\Program Files\Apache Http Proxy\logs as well as C:\Program Files\Apache Http Proxy\conf\httpd.conf.

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BTW on an ERA 6 course the Apache proxy (installed on Windows as part of the full ERA 6 install) died on me as well.


So yes, this thing is not particularly reliable. If I were to use a proxy I would probably inspect the installed httpd configuration and move it to a production grade Apache installation.

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