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Cannot access my banking web site

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I get a certificate error from IE11 on the link you posted. I am using ver. 8 .319 w/SSL protocol scanning enabled. In other words, Eset's banking mode protection is not being used. The browser is blocking the web site access. For the error given, appears to be a possible man-in-the-middle situation.

So your problem has nothing to do with ver. 9 bank protection. Appears there is a problem with your bank's web site certificate or the URL you are using to access your bank's web site. I would contact the bank for guidance.


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A bit more info on what is wrong with the web site certificate. Make sure you are using the correct URL for the bank's logon web page:

Error while checking the SSL Certificate!!

The SSL Certificate we found on this site is not meant for bankhapoalim.co.il/, probably this is another site on the same server.

We advise you not to submit any confidential or personal data to this website because a secure connection could not be established with this website.

- SSL Certificate is not expired
- Site is not listed in the certificate

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@itman is right, nothing to do with ESET. I did notice on their international website (hxxp://www.bankhapoalim.com) this link to login to the bank which does work (add 'login.' in the front): https://login.bankhapoalim.co.il/

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