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Problem with Eset Smart Security License.

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Hello guys.

I purchased two licenses for ESET Smart Security. One for me, one for my brother.
I recieved an e-mail from ESET saying Product: ESET Smart Security. License Key: REDACTED. (I got my key I´m just not going to share here obviously) Number of licenses: 2 and an exepiration date a year from now. I wondered why I only got one key, having purchased two but I figured oh well it´ll probably just activate twice. 
When he tried to activate it said Could not connect to activation server try again later. No connection issues, nothing. It cannot be verified that there are two licenses using https://ela.eset.com/.

What´s going on? I hope some admins can take care of this. I paid for two licenses that´s all I want, and now my brothers machine is running unprotected. My ESET just says License Valid until a year from now, It can´t have burned both activations by mistake can it? Can someone help me fix this? 
I mailed Sales, thinking, it was a problem with the license and it falled under sales@eset.dk, now I tried support as well. No answer from sales after 3 days.
I hope that maybe you will be able to help me.

Kind Regards


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The portal ela.eset.com is intended for managing business licenses. The activation key you received should be valid for 2 computers. You could temporarily try installing the latest version 9.0.349 which is currently available only in English and addresses common activation issues usually caused by system problems with certificate verification. Other language versions will follow soon. Alternatively you can install the latest ESS v8.


Also I'd like to point out that it's weekend now so it may take some time until you receive a response to your email.

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