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Persistent eset smart security update

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I've had eset smart security in windows 7 and after I installed windows 10 it offered me an upgrade to the compatible version of eset. I did that and after I uninstalled eset, the upgrade notification kept popping up and it's very annoying, it minimizes everything and forces me to look at it. If I close it then it'll keep popping up later on so I'm forced to keep it open there so it won't minimizes my open programs anymore. I tried using eset uninstaller and also reinstalling it and then uninstalling it again. Nothing is working, could you please help? I want to uninstall it completely and get rid of this annoying notification.

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Please check this folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\AV\<product name>\

There should be a tool that handles the upgrade. Does deleting it help getting rid of the notification that keeps popping up?


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