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ERA Server Failure: Cant_Connect_to_host (0x2101)

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my ERA server (5.0.511.0) shows this failure since i tryed to add some clients with endpoint v5.

All older clients with antivirus 4.x seems to update over the mirror correctly.


is it not possible to add endpoint clients?


Thanks for a information

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I'd suggest carrying on as follows:

- enable debug logging in ERAS setup

- stop the ERA server service

- delete the ERA logs in C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\logs

- temporarily set the time interval for connecting to ERAS on a troublesome Endpoint client to 0

- start ERA server service


If the client doesn't appear in ERAC, submit the logs from the aforementioned folder to Customer care for analysis. You can also upload them to a safe location and PM me the download link so that I can check them out.

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