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performance issue mobile device connector

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Hey there,


i've some questions about the mobile device connector.



We've install the Remote Administrator Server, Mobile Device Connector, Web Console and the Rogue Detection Sensor on a Windows Server 2008 32bit system.

Also there is a SQL Server 2008R2 installed on this machine too.


- 4 GByte Ram

- Intel Xeon 4 x 2,13 GHz

- 150 Mobile Devices, Android



era_mdm_db.mdf (188 MByte)

era_mdm_db.ldf (4,6 Gbyte)  :huh:


the average utilization of the CPUs is by 100%, most of them is used by the sqlserv.exe and some by the lsass.exe.


it look like that the ESET Mobile Device Connect create for every Mobile Device another MultiAgent.exe process. 

is that normal?


btw. if i stopped the mdc Service all MultiAgent.exe processes will be closed and the CPU usage of the sqlserv.exe going to be normal.


There no problems with the usage of the complete Remote Administrator Server or Mobile Device Connector. All functions of ESET seems to be normal and can be used.



have a nice weekend


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