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Some Questions to ESET Mobile connector


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we actual test this over our ERAS V6

Realy nice features :) we give this a try in our company.


But before we have some questions :)


1.) We have trouble to get the "find" working. All other commands work (lock, siren,...) but "find" task  failed every try. (Location unavailable)

The android telefon is active with location and wlan and LTE.

The policy anti theft is active (all Features)

Any tips what problem we have?


2.) We try to use the application block Feature -> we block a application  and the eset on the mobile shows correct: blocked application


- the user can still start the application

- it is not possible to send a uninstall Task from eras


Is this normal or must we Setup something more?


thx for Infos :)


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As for 1) we do not have our own locating service, we rely on what the phone provides, thus we request the location from the phone and wait for an answer, the same as any other app. Do you get good GPS signal on the phone? Can other apps get the location in a reasonable time?


Regarding 2) I'd recommend contacting your local ESET support office as it may be a device-specific issue and needs to be investigated further.



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