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ESET Endpoint AV 6.2 Connecting to ERAC 5.2


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I was running ESET Endpoint AV 5.0.2228.  I downloaded the newest 64-bit .MSI from ESET's website, and installed it over 5.0.  After the installation completed, it asked me to activate the product with my key, which I did.


Now the issue is, my Endpoint AV will not connect back to my ERAC, despite the settings being the same.  I checked the settings on another machine just to make sure, and they are all identical.  When I try to run an update on my Endpoint AV, I immediately get an error message, "Virus signature database update ended with an error.  Unidentified server response."  I accessed the "Advanced Setup" and changed the Update Server to "Choose Automatically", and it grabbed the updates just fine.  However, I'd like for it to actually grab updates from ERAC.


I am a novice when it comes to this, so I'm not 100% sure where to begin.


Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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The download website at hxxp://www.eset.com/us/support/download/business/endpoint-antivirus/ features a warning saying that in case you are using ERA v5, you also need Endpoint Antivirus v5.

With version 6 of our business lineup we made a rather large change in both backend and frontend of our products and thus there is limited backwards compatibility, meaning older Endpoint products can connect to the brand new ERA v6, but not the other way around (old ERA does not recognize the new Endpoint products and the way they connect).

Therefore, you can either continue using ESET Endpoint Antivirus v5, or consider upgrading your network to ERA v6 (due to being completely rebuilt, it can't be upgraded to from v5 but needs to be installed as a new product).

You can find more information about ERA v6 at hxxp://www.eset.com/us/products/remote-administrator/ and a guide on how to migrate from v5 at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3607/



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