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Outlook 2013-Eset 9-Email Printing Slow

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Win10 - Outlook 2013 - Eset 9


When printing an email for Outlook, the print can take close to 5 minutes to print.


Printing an attachment, printing from another program (Excel, Word, etc.) prints as expected.


If I turn off "Real Time Scanning" printing email from Outlook is almost instant.


Any idea of what is wrong?

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Thank you for the prompt response.


Smart Security is stating 9.0.318


Updating appeared to have fixed the issue.


I do have a couple questions.

1. I was using the Check For Updates "Product Update", and Eset is telling me it is up to date.  I cannot find the settings, mentioned in the 9.0.349 post, to change so this doesn't happen in the future.

2. Outlook is telling me there is an issue with the COM Add-In (and possibly disabled it?).  Does this leave me unprotected?

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