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Task failed in the security product

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When trying to activate some Endpoint Security clients via Task in ERA 6, I am getting a message that the Task failed in the security product.

Anyone who knows what that means?


I am having many free licenses so it could not be that the task failed in cause of no free licenses.

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No, because the client is not acepting the license I was getting from Eset. The License code the client wants is different from the serial number I was getting. I am only able to use the License the Era server is sending to the client.

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4 hours ago, trayn said:

i have the same problem with 5/170 Servers.

No way to use the online licence!

Need help please :(

Have you tried to active manually from this client machine (i.e. without ERA)? Was there any specific error reported? Resolving activation issues is described in KB2434 where most common error is 4099. I would recommend to check it, especially proxy configuration and certificates. Also ESET support could provide you special tool for troubleshooting activation issues (not sure it is available freely on forum) - tool basically checks requirements described in KB2434.

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with an offline licence there are no problems.

i got an error in the ERA console (Task failed in the security product) on the client logfile (ESET-Kernel;Aktivierung fehlgeschlagen: Aktivierungsserver nicht erreichbar).

i use an activation task on the ERA server for all the clients but 5 clients have problems.

we use the ERA appliance on our esx-cluster (ERA+proxy etc. on the same vm)

the server is in the same network, the connection ERA<->client is okay (no Firewall or somethink like that)

the policies are okay (proxy, certificates etc.)

also i tried to reinstall ESET + agent (same problem)

i think i will open a support ticket

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