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ESET Mail Security 6.2

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Hoping someone else may have went through this and might be able to help.


I'm looking to see if I can create essentially two rules in the Mail Security for Exchange product (version 6.2) for one of our customers.


Rule A.) would indicate that if an incoming email has a .zip attachment, that the attachment would be quarantined, but the email still delivered, with some type of notification so that the end user knows they had an email attachment quarantined.


Rule B.) would have to supercede Rule A and say, if the incoming has a .zip attachment, with certain keywords in it (two specific words), that the attachment is "not" quarantined, but delivered. 


Rule A is somewhat negotiable.  Our customer indicated that it "doesn't have to" notify the end-user that they had something quarantined, but it would be nice.  


They are currently using Vipre Mail Security, and have these rules set up, so I'm hoping we can do this for them now that we talked them into dropping Vipre!

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