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how to - monthly scan, ess 9, win7

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Hi Friends,

I've just renewed my subscription and upgraded to ESS 9.  I can't seem to find any other version number.


I want to set up a monthly on-demand (deep) scan, and a weekly quicker scan (Smart Scan), but I can't seem to find the right options.


When I tried to set the monthly scan, it won't let me set for any longer than 9999 minutes (which is a little over 6 days, if I did the math right).  That will work for the Smart Scan, but how can I set up a monthly scan?


Will I just have to remember to interrupt every 4th smart scan, and re-set it for a deep scan?


I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit, sp1


Thank you very much :)


Edit -- found version # 9.0.318.0

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Currently it's not possible to set a higher number than 9999 in scheduler, however, this will change with an automatic update module soon. Personally I don't see much sense in running on-demand scans on a regular basis as real-time protection would protect you from possible threats upon access or execution.

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