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Cannot set FileSecurity 6 to ignore "suspicious" file

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Eset FileSecurity V6.2.1.2007.1 detects a suspicious file. When asked for action on this file, i select to ignore this file and select no action. But the file is shown as potentially unsafe again and the checkbox to ignore the file is unchecked again.

How to exclude a potential unsafe file when it is a false alarm?

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How do you know that it's a false alarm? Could you please provide a complete record from the threat log with a complete path as well as the detection name included?

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The file is part of an old version of Intel Active System Console. It has been there for years and never has been detected by FileSecurity 4.5.


Here is the excerpt of the Log:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <COLUMN NAME="Zeit">07.12.2015 19:23:06</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Prüfung">Echtzeit-Dateischutz</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Objekttyp">Datei</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Objekt">C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\ASC\bin\PROCESS.EXE</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Bedrohung">Win32/PrcView potenziell unsichere Anwendung</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Aktion"></COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Benutzer">xxxxxxxx</COLUMN>
      <COLUMN NAME="Informationen">Ereignis aufgetreten beim Versuch, die Datei zu öffnen durch die Anwendung: C:\Windows\explorer.exe.</COLUMN>

We would like to keep this file in place and set FileSecurity to ignore this file, but that does not work.

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