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ERA Agent vs. EEA v5. Windows Lockup

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Hi folks,


We're a school on the verge of migrating from ERA v5 to v6.


I am testing the deployments at the moment, and have a classroom with the ERA Agent v6, but the v5 software. The latter has been installed for almost a year.


Since installing the agent the machines are randomly locking up. They are Windows 7 PCs.


Is this to be expected?


I am going to push ahead with the test classroom and deploy EEA v6 anyway, but I'm concerned that there is a conflict between the agent and EEA v5.


Note, we are still maintaining a server with ERA v5, and have setup a new server with ERA v6.


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Hey CMS,


This is a known issue with ERA Agent 6.2, see here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/5935-era-agent-62110-causing-computers-to-freeze/


There's a hotfix available that you can push out, but it's not available via Windows Update. You'll need to roll it out using a GPO or install manually on each machine if you do not have a domain.

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Thanks all. Just to double check, before I proceed with the above fix, is this still the best approach? Just in case there's a new console out which fixes this. Thanks.

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This is because of a bug in the current version of era 6.

Please replace the network.dll On the era server as suggested here



This statement is wrong - there is no bug in ERA v6 that causes this. The thing is that ERA v6.2 has some performance optimization implemented which causes a bug in Windows Filtering Platform to manifest. To fix the bug, you must install the hotfix https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2664888. Alternatively you can replace network.dll with a newer one that has the performance optimization disabled. As a result, the bug in WFP won't manifest with it.

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