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Problem to integrate the Policy to the Client

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Since Monday we are using the new ERA. At first we want to integrate our new machines to the System.


We created a new policy set it to a static Group.


When I go to the Group the Policy is added and listed to the Group.


Then I go to "Computer" and Details under Configuration the Policy is still there.


But when I look at the Client there is no policiy integradet.


I don´t know how to send the Policy to the Client. The ERA and the Client are interacting together. I can set a restart or anything else with the era. But now Policy to the Client.


We don´t know what is still going wrong. I´m reading the Help from up till down and couldn´t find what I make wrong.


Thank you for your quick help.




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Hi Sabine


What you are doing is correct. The reason you don;t see a policy on the client tab is that you can assign policies to groups or to clients, and this simply says you have not applied a policy ONLY to client.


You can check what is applied by clicking the computer name in ERA, then Details, then the Configuration tab (second one down) then clicking Applied policies.


Remember your client machine has to contact ERA to get the policy, so make sure the client is connecting okay.






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Also there will be some delay as agent first needs to fetch the data for dynamic groups from ERAS, then evaluates the membership and sends information to ERAS the next time agent connects to ERAS.

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