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"Click here once, but two times"

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Hi, all!



Something non-ESET oriented :-)


I have a strong feeling that in past several months (better say - years) I have to click twice to perform some event (too often, IMHO). I do not mean the events that are meant to be double clicked - I mean events/objects that are meant to be clicked once, but somehow I finish clicking them again too often, one second later, because my first click was "overlooked" by Windows.


Linux was better than Windows but I am having the exact impression on newer popular Linux distros, too...


Is this just my impression? What are your experiences? Why is that so? Is that hardware oriented thing, bad mice, hardware not fast enough for todays program code generators without optimization capabilities, ... something else?


...just a thought :-)




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Interesting but funny topic.

It is also vulnerable to broad culprits.

I personally think it is a mix between irq, hardware speed response and the programming code behind the action.

If you have ever done development or created a gui type app, the code behind it is read faster then we can blink.

Sometimes the code may be read and completed before the hardware has a chance to respond. Thus we use timers halts and sleep methods to allow the machine to "catch up".

It could be mouse issues, wireless interference if wireless. Usb throughput.

Microsoft has suggested disabling themes.

It could be anything but I know "we all experience it".

:) Good topic & off the wall!


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