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Question about holding off account activation

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I am debating on buying a two user / two year pack right now to take advantage of the sales. I bought a new laptop on black friday so I need an additional license. My current license on my PC expires in five months. So my question was could I activate one on my new laptop now, hold off till my current one on my PC expires, and activate the other one on the PC. Sorry if this is confusing but I want to take advantage of the 50% off sale right now. 

Side question.

Is there a time limit that I have to activate the licenses after I buy them? Like if I activate them a month after I buy the licenses, will it say that its covered for 1 year 11 months?

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  • Former ESET Employees

Based on our current licensing system, unfortunately it won't be possible to do this. Our holiday sale is only available through our online store* and those licenses begin immediately as soon as the order is complete and affects all users on that license.


There are some occasional circumstances where ESET resellers would bundle boxed CDs so you could buy multiple license keys in one purchase and then activate them "at will" but to my knowledge that currently doesn't exist and again this sale is only available through our online store.


You could purchase a one-user/two year license for the new laptop and take advantage of the 50% off, and then you'll get 25% off renewal of your current license when it expires in 5 months. The only negative on this would be having two separate licenses that are spaced 5 months apart. 


*Available to US and Canada residents only

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