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Nod32 9 and bootup issues?


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I'm using the latest version of Nod32 (9.0.318.0) which I recently installed after having used version 8. My computer itself runs Windows 8.1.


The program itself seems to work just fine, but I've noticed that booting up takes a bit longer than usual, as does the time it takes "loading" after typing in my username and password to log into my Windows account. Furthermore, of the three attempts I've made to boot up since installing it, one of them ended up with a black screen with my mouse cursor, meaning that I wasn't able to log in or do anything except move the cursor around.

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I installed v9 on my Windows 10 machine, and had to restart 3 times before I reached my desktop. The first two restarts resulted in black screens.


Subsequently, all my restarts after the 3rd time have had no problems.

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