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Creating universal configuration file

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I am aware of the import/export settings feature, but it's kind of useless. I'd like to be able to create an universal configuration I could use for initial installation. I bought the family pack licence and each of the computers in the house is distinctively different and runs completely different programs, for example. Exporting the settings from my PC for example would produce a file that has all sorts of garbage settings in it, with different firewall rules, network ids and whatever.

Is there any way to do this?

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It's not clear what you would like to achieve. Default settings are recommended for home users so there should be no need to export / import configuration at all. If you want to create a configuration file with firewall rules for all computers, you could edit a configuration xml file in a text or xml editor and add the desired rules. Then you could import the xml file on other computers.

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There is a solution for business products - their license allows you to use ESET Remote Administrator which contains a tool to edit the settings.
Home products are not meant for pre-configured deployment, thus the ability to edit the settings file is not present. However, if you manage to find which XML entry belongs to which setting and edit that manually using a text editor, the resulting file will indeed work in a home product as well.
EDIT: Marcos, you beat me to it by a minute :)

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