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Not able to install ERA6

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we have Windows Server 2012 R2, I am trying to install ERA6.

I have downloaded ERA6 from eset.cz and start installing on server where MS SQL 2012 Express is already installed. After installing Remote Administration Server instalator starts installing Remote Administration Agent (screenshot 1).After gathering required information stops install with message: "Instalation failed" (screenshot 2).


I really don't know what this causes.


I tried to install on domain controller virtual windows server 2012 R2 without MS SQL installed and same problem.


Could you please help me?


Thank you.



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There is a folder called "Logs" located where you launched the installer from.

Please have a look at the installation log where you can find the process of the installation, along with the error and its reason.



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Thak you for your reply, I found log file, but I can't find the reason of crash. There is the row at the end of log.


But ERA is already sucessfully installed, before installing agent, DB should be created.

Comlpete log is atached.


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seems you are trying to install ERA from non-local disk (is drive "S:" mapped network drive?) but unfortunately this scenario is not supported due to installer limitations. In case it is you case, please uninstall components that were already installed and try again from local disk drive.

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Hi, yes you are right, I've been trying to install ERA form shared disk drive. I've copied install files to local drive and everything worked well.

Thank You very much for fast advice!

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