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I'm not able to install 3rd party software with the ESET Remote Administrator 6 console.

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Hello people,


I'm not able to install 3rd party software with the ESET Remote Administrator 6 console.

I know it is possible because it worked in the past.


The installer can be found at hxxp://companysite/java/java.exeor hxxp://companysite/java/java.msi and I'm able to browse to the file. 


I start a new task (software installation) from the ERA 6 console, select "install by direct package URL" and use this address "hxxp://companysite/java/java.exe"


After a few seconds the progress of the task is: Task failed, try to install software manually. Trace Message: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code 20016, HTTP response code 403 url'hxxp://companysite/java/java.exe')


I don't understand why the ESET agent is not able to find the file as i can reach, download and install the file manually from this address (hxxp://companysite/java/java.exe)%C2'> the cliënt workstation.


Thanks in advance.





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  • ESET Staff



only difference I can think of is HTTP Proxy configuration. Both mentioned working methods (msiexec, browser) are using operating system configuration of HTTP Proxy. On the contrary, ERA Agent is using only HTTP proxy configuration propagated through ERA configuration policies. Any chance you have differences in configurations?

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