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No network connection until reboot after install


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Hi all,

It seems on the newest Windows 10 official build (10586) with the current build of EES (6.2.2033), there is an issue with the network connection not working on the computer after installing EES, until a reboot.

EES install completes ok, and network disconnects as normal when the firewall driver is installed, but it never comes back unless you reboot. EES also lists an error initializing the firewall.


Once we reboot, all is well, but we can't push out this update if it's going to break everyones internet connection until reboot.  We don't have many computers on Win10 or this build specifically yet, but it will be more common soon.


Is this a known issue? If so, any ETA on a fix?  The machines I am testing this on have never had EES on them, they are fresh installs on a "clean" Windows to install.


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