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a group template for computers not having a particular software installed?

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I can make dynamic groups that show computers that have a prticular software installed but not groups that show computers with a particular software not installed - such as computers with no Eset Endpoint software on which the installation failed for some reason or another.


Is there some way I missed or is the template expression language just too limited?


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We have several dymanic templates for machines without Eset installed.  This allows for our technicians to install the ERA agent, and then the actual antivirus installation is handled automatically by the server.


As an example, here is a template for computers that do not have the Eset Endpoint Antivirus Client installed.  This can easily be adapted for Eset's other products.



I have not specifically seen anything that would allow for the detection of failed installations, following an install attempt from this dynamic group, though maybe others have found ways to do this.

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I found the option to filter by Eset products installed which works nicely.


This is also helpful since it can work for some non-Eset products. Thanks


I would expect the NOR is done per product so every PC with products other than ESET Endpoint Antivirus would match.


Unfortunately, some products do not have as nice names as ESET Endpoint Antivirus.


For example, matching Java runtime might be done this way




but this assumes that the AND is performed per product. If it's done per computer it might match computer which has some Foo from Oracle installed and some JavaBar from FooBar and no Java.

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