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NOD32 v4 HTT*.TMP files


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I found a few topics about this in the Wilders forums, no real reply to my question. I am running NOD32 v4 on Windows XP.


Whenever downloading from Firefox, NOD32 creates TMP files in C:\Windows\temp. They disappear after the download is complete. However, my problem is that I am downloading to another drive (e.g. D:\), where I have a lot of space, but I have very few space on C:\. So I often run into the problem that my C:\ drive runs full during downloads, which then causes problems starting other applications (Open Office apparently needs a bit of space on C:\to start up).


Is there a way to change the location where those TMP files are stored? I would like to have them stored either always on D:\, or otherwise at lease on the same drive as the one where the data is being downloaded to.


If this isn't possible, I suppose I just have to uncheck Firefox from the Web Access Protection -> HTTP,HTTPS, Web Browsers list?


Thanks in advance for your reply!

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ESET stores temporary files in the system and user temporary folders pointed to by TEMP and TMP variables. Changing the variable values should do the trick.

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