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Remote Administrator Components Upgrade outdated version in settings

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Please refer to hxxp://support.eset.sk/kb3690/ for information about current versions of ERA components for ERA
Component  Operation System  Component Version
Agent  Linux
Migration Tool  Windows
Mobile Device Connector  Linux
Proxy  Linux
Rogue Detection Sensor  Linux  1.0.880.0
Windows  1.0.959.0
Server  Linux
Apache HTTP Server with HTTP Proxy  Windows
Apache Tomcat  Windows  7.0.64
WinPcap  Windows  4.1.3
Webconsole  Platform-independent

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Thanks for answer.

If I correctly understand, I have to update my ERA Server in (i have actually)

But it seems that I need to completly uninstall ERA Server, install it again, and reconfigure everything, am I right ?

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If you're looking to upgrade the management agent on your clients, or the server components on your server, there is a built-in task to do this.  The "Remote Administrator Components Upgrade" client task will upgrade these items for you.  When applied to a regular client (a workstation or file server), the ERA agent will be upgraded to match your ERA server.  When applied directly to your ERA server, it will download and install the latest server components from Eset.  It usually takes a few minutes for the clients to upgrade, depending on your connection interval, but the last server upgrade I did took a bit longer, at around 30 minutes.

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