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Rating dialog stops android app from scanning


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Today I updated various app's on my Android Phone. I always install updates manually, not automatic.

I noticed that Eset was not scanning the updated apps after installation. I opened the Eset App to see what was wrong and was greeted with a dialog asking me to rate the app.

The only way to continue was to rate the app. I could not cancel the rating dialog.

According to the logs the app has not scanned anything on my phone for more than 14 days. It did not run the scheduled scans and did not scan updated / installed apps in that same period.


I presume that it stopped scanning because it was waiting for the rating to be finished.


After rating the app everything looks to be working again.


In my opinion it is not Ok that scanning stops because of this rating-dialog.

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The occurence of the rating dialog was probably just a coincidence, it pops up only after the app is opened (thus the dialog was not waiting on the background).

What is more likely is that your phone was low on RAM and it freed some memory in order to keep the phone running. While our app tries to restart automatically, it may have not been able to do so, due to low RAM.

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Hi, thanks for answering. I will monitor the program a litte more closely the coming days to see if the problem returns. It has worked flawlessly for months so I am suprised it suddenly stopped scanning. It never showed this behaviour before.

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