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Problem with EML and ESET Outlook plugin

Brecht Laitem

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We are using ESET Endpoint Antivirus (6.2), and are having an issue with the Outlook addin. Our ERP software can save emails as an EML so those EML files can be openend by everyone else in the company.


But after installation of the ESET plugin, when we open an eml file (with outlook), that eml file is stored in the inbox of the user. This is ofcourse not a desired effect, because your inbox gets flooded with emails that are not sent directly to you. 


When we disable the Outlook plugin, this doesn't happen. But then we don't have anti-virusscanning on our mailbox and this is a big deal for us.


Is there a possibility to work around this problem?


With kind regards

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello, the plugin only adds antispam features and the ability to rescan messages. However, antivirus protection is provided on protocol layer, regardless of the plugin. Thus, if you prefer not to have it enabled, you can do so and the emails will still be checked.

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