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IP address of clients on computers tab

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Some of my clients are not reporting their IP address on computer panel in ERA.

When I check network card section in computer details, there is a valid IP address shown but why it isnt on global panel ? 

Its usefull for searching for duplicates with changed names or missing clients and its important for me.

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Hello, this was a bug in ERA 6.1 and was fixed in version 6.2.

Please check whether the server and all the clients are upgraded to ERA 6.2.


ERA server  version is and all agents are

Total 138 clients connected and 18 not showing their IP address on panel.



BTW due to account activation i have here 2 topics about the same problem.

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Is there anything the affected clients have in common? Like the same subnet?


EDIT: In case the client is connecting via IPv6 and it does not have other IPv4 address, no address will be shown in ERA. This is a bug in the current version and will be fixed in ERA 6.3.

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