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ESET Clients outside lan don't show up in ERA 6 console

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Hi Guys,


I want ESET clients that are outside our local network to show up in the ERA 6 console.

I have installed the ERA 6 Server and opened port 2222 on the firewall (log shows traffic is allowed on port 2222), on lan everything works fine, servers and workstation show up in the console,  but cliënts outside our lan don't show up.


Are there any ports except 2222 that need to be configurered on the firewall?


Thanks in advance.







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You have to use Active Directory Sync (if you use AD), or install the Rogue Detection Sensor on a workstation/server in each subnet where you want to discover workstations.


...and don't get me started on this design  :D

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Thanks, but discovery is not the main problem. I want to manage the workstations.


When the workstation leaves our company lan there is no communication anymore between the agent that is located on the workstation and the ERA 6 Server.

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