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"Update not necessary" but needs updating.

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Hello, I'm currently receiving an error for ESET Nod32 running version 9.0.318.0 on Windows 10.


My home page as well as notification center are saying I require an update for my virus database, however when I try to run it, It says it is already updated.

My license is valid until 2020.



Home Screen ~ https://i.gyazo.com/3def6f652375514985b571dcc123db81.png

Update Screen ~ https://i.gyazo.com/f3fae325cc4b66ef5f1c2339da627cb9.png


What happens when I press the update button (GIF):



Thanks in advance.



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Since further logs (etw + Wireshark pcap) will be needed for troubleshooting the issue, I'd suggest contacting Customer care if uninstalling v9 and installing it from scratch doesn't help.

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