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Can't resize UI in ESS v9

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Just upgraded fromm ESS ver 8 to ver 9


I expected the UI to look different - there are fashions to webpages and applications just like anything else.


However, I didn't expect a decrease in user-friendliness.


I can't resize/maximise the network connection window or the log file window, which renders them frustrating at best and at worst, useless compared to version 8.


I don't see why this change has been made, given that the advanced setup screen can be resized and maximised.


I use a desktop PC with a 21" monitor, and I don't want my experience to be constrained by software that thinks everyone uses a tablet or smartphone.





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I too find it annoying that when you resize a screen the resizing is not remembered; It goes back to default on exit.

This is especially frustrating with the firewall rules edit screen. The default size is very cramped.


ESS 9.0.318,0 with prerelease update active

Windows 7 (64) fully updated

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I've had enough of this new UI.  How do I obtain and reinstall version 8 ?



you will use the username and password you previously used with v8.

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What is this?  1995? 

no, 2015. many programs have a splash screen at start up, eg. photoshop.


you can just leave it as is, it last for a second or two and disappears immediately. not such a big deal.

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You should be able to open them in a new window which is resizable. There's an icon for this to the left of the question mark icon that opens up on-line help.


I cant find the icon to open "Network Connections" in a new window. Has this feature been removed? 

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