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ERA 6 server and proxy on single server

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Hi guys,


I have installed the ERA 6 server and proxy on the same machine Windows 2012R2 both communicating through port 1433 with a SQL 2012 server, but the proxy service keeps shutting down. (The ports cannot be the same for server and proxy??) 


The evenlog shows this error: The ESET Remote Administrator Proxy service terminated with the following service-specific error:  The remote server has been paused or is in the process of being started.​


Is it possible to install both on one server? or do server and proxy have to be installed on different servers?


I want the outside world to only communicate with the ERA 6 server via the proxy service  through port 2222


Thanks  in advance






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  • ESET Staff



there is really not much sense in installing both of them on the same machine, but regardless of that, it should be possible. Without more information we can only guess where problem is, but most probable is TCP ports conflict. Both ERA Server and ERA Proxy are in default configuration listening on TCP port 2222 -> therefore only one of them will be able to run without configuration changes (have you changed ERA Server's listening port and restarted it?)

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