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v9 OK Yesterday - NOT ACTIVATED Today

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EDIT 11/9: Fearing end-of-day for Moderators ref: this Thread I Uninstalled via Start Globe. Forgot to Re-Boot after UN-install but Install went fine, Virus database updated, and All appears well.


I noticed my Sys Tray ESS Icon missing, dbl-clk'd "egui.exe" in Program Files and discovered ESS is "Not Activated" today but has been fine all days prior. Oddly, no usual Windows "Unprotected" warning pops-up.

Activate, Enter Key, Get OK produces No Fix.


May I use the Start "Uninstaller" OR must I use the Uninstaller Tool that requires Network Adaptor settings backup and possible Re-install of Network Adaptor drivers I have no clue How to do?


To top that a rare occurrence of an Error Screen has happened twice in 3 days [" Reboot & Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot Device and Press a Key"].

It occurs just with the computer being left "ON" and returning to it to find the Screen.

Power "OFF, wait 2 min, Power "ON" nets an OK Boot to W7. No Clue of cause and W Forum post no help so far.

No idea if THIS and ESS issue related.


Macrium Reflect v6 wants me to RUN in Elevated Cmd Prompt -- chkdsk /r -- as I get an Error from when attempting an Incremental Backup to a prior Full Image.


Really an Error-Free computer for 3+ years. Any HELP much appreciated!!

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